The Grid Art Fair 2018.
March 2nd – 4th – 1, Paris Garden, SE1 8NU, London.

I’ll be showing my work at The Grid Art Fair in Southwark, London, 27th-29th March.

From the Press Release:
“Grid Art Fair is a new series of weekend events taking place at 1 Paris Garden, a short hop from London’s South Bank. Taking place regularly throughout the year, with each edition presenting a new selection of artists and installations, Grid presents a fresh perspective.

While offering artists the opportunity to show their new and recent work in an exciting yet supportive environment in central London, Grid at the same time presents both seasoned and aspiring collectors a space in which to discover a winning mix of truly great art across a wide range of tastes and styles.

As a visitor, you could enjoy the challenge of discovering a future star, or commission an artist to create a unique piece for you. Speaking with the artists and setting your heart on a piece means so much more than just buying art online.

Enjoy the thrill of becoming part of the community that forms around an artist, together with the philanthropy of supporting her or his art.

Spend your time at Grid to grow as a collector and an artist.”

Show times
Friday 27th April Private View (ticketed), 6-9pm
Saturday 28th April Free Entry 10pm to 7pm
Sunday 29th April Free Entry 11pm to 5pm

Ticket Link:

1 Paris Garden
London, SE1 8NU