One shape for each letter of the alphabet

TwentySixes - The Letter 'E'

What is a word? A collection of letters.

What is a letter? One of the 26 symbols that form our alphabet. On their own these symbols have no meaning but when combined with one or more of the other 25 symbols they form words. These words which can mean anything and everything. And sometimes, nothing.

The pieces in this series use graphic forms, repeated 26 times – dots, lines, grids, concentric circles, segments etc – to represent the alphabet. Individual elements are differentiated in some way – removed, emboldened, coloured differently – to represent the individual letters within each alphabet that form the words.

At first, working within this formula (26 x n – where n = the number of letters in the word, or words, being encoded) can feel restrictive, and the execution of each is definitely influenced by the phrase or message being encoded. But, I believe that there are limitless ways to represent the 26 letters of the alphabet and I’m enjoying experimenting with this idea.