Fleeting memories of time and place.

Geocodes Image

The images in this series are inspired by the work of artists like Mark Rothko, Ellsworth Kelly and Gerhard Richter. They started life as photographs taken at various places around the UK, and elsewhere, at different times in my life.

The images are simple banal snapshots, captured more for the colours and shapes than any artistic intent. I have reduced them to simple washes of colour that conjure a sense of place, time and mood, erasing all recognisable features. A small version of the original image is included with each piece, but in a sealed envelope. The buyer can decide whether to open the envelope or to leave the exact view unknown.

The title of each piece hints at the original subject of the image and the numeric codes are the date and GPS location of the where they were taken. If the viewer enters them into Google Maps, they will be able to find the exact spot.


Geocodes Google Maps Image


Even with all the information – the original image, time date, place etc – these pieces illustrate the inherent weakness of the photographic image – the impossibility of conveying exactly how it felt to be me and to be there at the point and time.