Things to consider when ordering a bespoke piece of work

Much of my artwork is created with bespoke customisation in mind. If you’ve met me at an Art Fair and want to know more, or you’ve seen a piece on this site that you like the look of, this page should explain what options are available.


In the Encoded Artwork series of pieces, messages can range from single words, names or short phrases, through to longer sentences or blocks of text (bear in mind that some codecs are not suitable for larger blocks of text).

Once you’ve decided that you‘d like to purchase one of the pieces that you see on this site, either for yourself or as a gift to someone else, you just need to get in touch to let me know what message you want me to encode into the piece. You can also choose any colour scheme you’d like and, of course, what size print you want (you choose from standard sizes during checkout, contact me directly to discuss custom sizes, or any other specific requirements).

Your piece of Encoded Artwork can be mounted on board, in a number of different thicknesses, as well as acrylic or aluminium. Framing can also be arranged.

If you have a very specific requirement that doesn’t really fit the existing codecs I’d love to talk to about finding something that works – just get in touch!!


Prices for commissioned pieces start at around £100 for unframed prints (A4 / 12 x 16 size) and go up from there. As I’m sure you’ll understand, the complexity of the codec used, the size of the finished artwor and the material on which it is created, all have an effect on price. We’ll need to discusso give you a final cost

*GeoCode pieces can be personalised, but need to be made to order so you’ll need to talk to me to sort that out!