Entry Wounds

Death scenes from iconic movies

Entry Wounds - Pulp Fiction - Marvin by Vincent Vega

In every great film there are those moments that leave an indelible mark in your mind. In many cases, such moments feature the violent death of one of the characters, sometimes it’s a bit-player in the overall story arc, other times it’s the villain meeting his demise and occasionally it’s the hero that you’ve been rooting for all movie.

My “Entry Wounds” collection are ultra-minimalist, limited-edition pieces, inspired by such memorable moments in some of the most iconic and popular movies of all time. Among the launch roster are posters for Pulp Fiction, The Terminator, Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Psycho.

The bulletholes in each piece were created using live ammunition of the same calibre as the guns used in each of the featured scenes. Each piece has a 2mm thick “sample” of the original poster artwork in the lower left hand corner. Finally, the names of the two characters involved in the scene in the movie are included in the bottom right corner.

Viewers who are able to recognise the relationship between these elements should be instantly reminded of the particular scene, and they will go on to recall all sorts of other things about the film. The circumstances that led to the violent confrontation and how they felt as it played out in front of them, the themes and overall tone, other great scenes and characters within the movie, perhaps even other things that were happening in their lives at the time they watched it, who they watched it with etc.

Combining these simple elements creates an artefact that acts as a powerful tool to unlock memories.